rainbows and light



November: "eröffnung" will premiere at GUFF 2020, this year online in November.

October 8: Video and Album Premiere! I finished a new video entitled "eröffnung" for the band "rhein" who is on Hauch Records- on view here.

October 1-31: Too Big Too See is part of Video Art Miden, this year online. The screening is entitled "Borders"

August 29th: Silver Seeds has been selected for the Stockholm Experimental Animation Festival

July 18th: Retrospective at the Geelong International Film Festival, Australia (this year online). Link to the Trailer.

July: A compilation of my films will be screened at Federation Square, Melbourne.

April 8th: Conquering Place screened at the AXW Festival, sponsored by Filmmakers NY

AXW Festival will screen later this year at the Anthology Film Archives!- date to be announced.

May 24- 29: Der dicke Heinrich will be party of the Jübulaümsprogramm of the 10. Dortmunder Tresen Film Festival.

I am taking part in a book, Grund, organized by Prof. Suzanne Lorenz from the UdK, Berlin. Grund is a collection of teaching projects and inspirations from artists, art teachers and students.

February 27: Solo film presentation, "Behind the Curtain" Directors Lounge in Berlin, curated by Klaus Eisenlohr


December 22: Der dicke Heinrich won BEST ANIMATION at the Geelong Intl' Film Festival in Australia

November: Der dicke Heinrich screend at the Lichtwerk Kino Bielefeld

November 29: Der dicke Heinrich won 2nd place at the Bilderbeben Filmfestival!

November 26: Kunstverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf, ANIMATIONEN
PROJEKTIONEN UND LOOPS, Curated by Myriam Thyes

November: completed a new short video, Too Big To See
-a reflection on the power dynamics of intimate relationships, which slowly evolves into a broader social and political theme.

November 9: Yoni Fest, Los Angeles screened Conquering Place

September 29: Silver Seeds at Human Resources, LA curated by Miranda Javid

September 14-15: Open Studios at the Quartier am Hafen

September 13-15: Danger in the Streets of the Sky, based off of a live VJ performance,
with music by Jeff McGrory, at the Llawn Festival in Wales

September: Der dicke Heinrich, created with Lars Kreyßig, premiereing at AnimaSyros Animation Festival in Greece

August: Silver Seeds and Conquering Place both received Honorable Mentions from the Los Angeles Underground Film Festival

May-June: Group show curated by Artpiq in Düsseldorf, with Lars Kreyßig, Bernard Adamd, Anns Kolosovs, Ed Broner

March: Silver Seeds screened at the 57th Ann Arbor Film Festival

January-February: New Works, solo exhibition at the Q18 Gallery, Cologne

All images and content copyright Kim Collmer unless linked to an outside source such as a film festival.