Environmental Excursions
Subspace, Berlin, Germany - 3 April – 1 May 2004
ArtWHERE?, San Antonio, Texas - 19 February – 20 March 2004

Environmental Excursions is an exhibition that focuses on artists working within the concept of environment. The aggregate of which – one's surroundings and the conditions of such – consistently transform and decompose aesthetically, politically and socially. The exhibition brings together a group of artists who seek to navigate the consequences of their surroundings. Represented by a diverse set of methods, these artists circumvent or negotiate existing environs to reinvent ones, mapping out new terrain, constructing or fabricating alternate environments, or reinterpreting the totality of external influences as an organism itself.

The show, curated by Jennifer Davy, began in San Antonio, Texas at ArtWHERE? – a “roving” curatorial project that utilizes vacant storefronts in the city’s downtown. The companion exhibition, co-curated by Kim Collmer at Subspace in Berlin, expands upon the initial show incorporating a larger group of artists working in a variety of media.

Artists include: Katarina Burin, Richie Budd, Kim Collmer, Pete Goldlust, Guy Hundere, Petra Klusmeyer, Luz Maria Sanchez, Elyce Semenec, Leonie Weber


The above image is from an infinite animation- the ship bounces through the scrolling landscape.




all images copyright Kim Collmer