Directors Lounge Berlin 2014
Wild At Heart: Animations about Animals and "Nature"
February 8, Saturday, 1800

Festival Program

Short List (alphabetical):
-Manuel Barenboim, US/AR, Here Be Dragons, 07:07
-Laura Heit, US, The Deep Dark, 2011, 07:07
-Benedikt Kruger, Sebastian Lörscher, Xaver Xylophon, DE, Zyklus I, 2011, 01:40
-Alexandre Louvenaz, FR, Minotaure, 2012, 03:36
-Peter Larsson, SE, Seven Days In The Woods, 2010, 06:17
-Tess Martin, US, A Walk in the Woods, 2012, 01:00
-Falk Schuster, DE, Ast mit Last, 2011, 05:00
-Steven Subotnick, US, 1998, Hairyman, 03:00
-Atushi Wada, JP, the Great Rabbit, 2012, 07:10

Running time: 42 minutes

Screening Order:

deep dark

-Laura Heit, The Deep Dark, 2011, 07:07
Direction and Animation: Laura Heit, Music: Emily Lacy
Synopsis: an elliptical cinematic song cycle The Deep Dark journeys into the psyche with animation, projected shadows, and ethereal vocal incantations.


-Merlin Flügel, vom Verschwinden, 2011, 02:57
Animation: Merlin Flügel, Sounddesign: Jonatan Schwenk
Musik Elemente: Dominik Keggenhoff
Synopsis: Ein Film über Innen und Außen, die Melancholie, das Ende und den Anfang. Eine hypnotische Bootsfahrt ohne Fahrtwind.


-Steven Subotnick, 1998, Hairyman, 03:00
Production, Direction, Animation: Steven Subotnick
Music & Vocals: Caleb Sampson
Synopsis: a psychological fable inspired by a folk tale from the American South. Three characters pursue their hungers in a stream-of-consciousness chain of events.

Zyklus I

-Benedikt Kruger, Sebastian Lörscher, Xaver Xylophon, Zyklus I, 2011, 01:40
Sound by Malte Seddig
Synopsis: Gather your strength, protect yourself in armour and ignite the bomb.
Move into combat with yourself and grow from it. "Zyklus", a short and brisk arousal of icy bark and sharp branches.


-Manuel Barenboim, Here Be Dragons, 2012, 07:07
The Dinosaurs once ruled the earth. Now they are just traces in stone and piles of dust. This short is a gentle reflection about cycles. Here Be Dragons brings the Dinosaurs back to life – at least for a short visit.
Manuel on Vimeo


-Tess Martin, A Walk in the Woods, 2012, 01:00
Directed by Tess Martin; Music by Spencer Thun
Synopsis: Beware the forest, beautiful yet treacherous. This one minute short was created at the I-Park artist residency in East Haddam, CT.


-Falk Schuster, Ast mit Last, 2011, 05:00
Synopsis: Es ist Herbst und der Winter steht kurz bevor, doch ein Vogel will all das nicht wahr haben. Vor allem nicht, dass auch „sein“ Lieblingsast das Blätterkleid verliert.


-Peter Larsson, Seven Days In The Woods, 2010, 06:17
Direction: Peter Larsson, Animation: Peter Larsson & Rasmus R Streith
Music: Daniel Karlsson
Synopsis: The trees alongside the road, everything was blurry. There was always a faint electrical buzz from somewhere. It was damp and raw, like the stone age.


-Atushi Wada, the Great Rabbit, 2012, 07:10
Production: Sacrebleu Productions, CaRTe bLaNCHe, Sound Design: Masumi Takino, Color Design: Misa Amako, Direc
Synopsis: Once we called the noble, profound and mysterious existence The Great. We have moved with the time, our thought and consciousness has changed. And yet what makes us still keep calling it The Great?


-Alexandre Louvenaz, Minotaure, 2012, 03:36
Synopsis: A Minotaure goes for a walk.

Thanks to all the animators and their amazing work!